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Expo 2010


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Of course when we booked to 'do" the Yangtse, we did not realise the Expo was even on but thought since we were here we should at least attend. Naturally with a population of 22000000 people + an expected 7000000 visitors 1 day was useless. However we had a lovely day. We dedicated the day to visiting the Aussie pavilion. They are doing well and one of the best 10 pavilions there by all accounts, attracting 55000 vivitors per day. Did get into some of the smaller pavilions as the queues were not as horrendous . By late afternoon, we were both "stuffed" so left for home. Apparently in the evening the lighting is something to behold but we were too tired to last the distance.

Did recover enough to go to a "real" Chinese Restaurant. Thought that it may cost us a bit 'cos it was so old etc. however it was very reasonable and John even had a bottle of Tiger Beer and the total bill only came to about $20.
The problem was we could not find anything we were prepared to eat. Did not fancy Braised Bull Frog, Stir-Fried Eels, turtle, sea cucumber, shark-fin, drunk chicken. I finished up having beef and mushrooms - not very adventurous eh?

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Well Neil, as usual you were right. We should have done more research and then maybe would have spent an extra day around here. It is apparently one of the oldest areas and lots of history.

Luckily we were booked in at the Ramada Plaza, so early in the morning we set off on foot a couple of blocks down the road to Westlake.Yes!! It is a lake but it has political, cultural and spiritual significance to the locals. Anyway wandered around the lakeside trying to catch an improvised"golfcart" that carries about 12 people around the lakeside, and is dirt cheap but finally gave up, because there were too many locals so paid 100yuan(about $20) for a little man to row us around.

Was amazed at how advanced the city was as compared to when we visited Beijing a few years ago.
They are trying to be clean and green. All buses have to be gas before the end of next year and all bikes have to be electric. There was no visible rubbish lying around either.

Soon we were off to the station to catch the fast train to Shanghai. It reached a speed of 170 km/hr. Apparently this train will be replaced by a flash fast train next year and it will reach speeds of400km/hr.

A little man met us in Shanghai and before no time he taught us how to use the Metro. It is so fast and so cheap. 3/4yuan which is less than a dollar. Twilight found us doing a cruise down the Huanpo and admiring the lights along the Bund which is like an esplanade. Finished up coming home through "Old Shanghai" like a Chinatown but very up-market -all new facades so beautiful and clean and modern.
by then John was "stuffed" so we caught a lift with an old man who offered us a ride on the back of his cart - bit like a "tuk-tuk"gone wrong. cost us $6 to get home. Taxis are cheap too and easy to pick up. They cost about $5 to go anywhere within reason.

Happy Travels

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Evan & Alex's wedding

Gunner's Barracks Tea Room Sydney

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The photos will have to come later.

Well a great ime was had by all. Dawn did not enjoy the wedding but managed everything else. Hope she is fully recovering ready for the trip to Melbourne to Tanya.

Everything seemed to go with a "bang" - no pun intended. Have oodles of lovely photos. What a lovely spot - Bradfield Park with the backdrop being either the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House depending which way you pointed the camera. Anyway, such a lovely harbour -it was a delightful place for the family photos.

The venue for the ceremony was what dreams are made of and it must have taken Alex and Evan some time and research to find such a great venue overlooking the Harbour. The reception was such fun and much merriment was had by all. We wish Alex and Evan a happy life with prosperity and lots of good times.

On the Sunday we flew off to Melbourne Frequent Flyers and then took "Air Asia" at midnight to Hanghou, via Kuala Lumpur. Stopped over there for a few hours so put our luggage in lockers and walked over the road a bit to "Tune In" hotel for a "Refresher " room for a while. I would recommend it --very basic but great for a few hours to recover.

Happy Travels!

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Adventure before Dementia

Dream Team

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Well , Both John and I have updated our health checks. We both were up for typhoid needles and our yearly 'flu injections, prior to embarking on the China Trip.

Because we arrive in China at a ridiculous hour ( I was endeavouring to go "El Cheapo" - Air Asia) we actually fly in to Hangzhou and by then ,so late in the evening, the train connection to Shanghai has stopped running.

Hence we are booked in to the Ramada Plaza for the night and have arranged for a little man from some reputable company to have his litle sign suitably visible at the airport. We will then transit to Shanghai in the am to the Bund Hotel which appears to be reasonably centrally located.

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Adventure before Dementia

Dream Team

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Well here goes!!! Nick Van Dam ---you have a lot to answer for. Of course I am still working at the moment to pay for all these travels. However I will be off to Sydney on the 12th June to meet John who is flying from Darwin. We will meet at the airport as our flights arrive within an hour of each other.
Evan Griffith works for the Federal Police I believe and he is marrying Alex at "The Tea Room Gunner's Barracks at Mosman on the Sunday. The Griffiths, Hughes and Taylors are all joining them at the celebrations.

After the wedding we will set off for Melbourne and then catch an "Air Asia" flight through Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai. Hopefully we will have a day at the Expo as well as a day + around Shanghai itself. After that we plan to fly to Chongqing to catch a cruise on the latest Victoria Line -"Jenna" for a 4 day cruise on the Yangtse down to Yichang. We intend to fly back through Bejing to Shanghai and the through Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and on Jetstar to Darwin to pick up the van again for our journey home.

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